About the project

The YESSS project is developing and fostering entrepreneurial thinking of students at secondary schools through equipping teachers with relevant coaching and soft skills training methods and approaches. 

Project outcomes


teacher's methodological handbook for entrepreneurial mindset development at secondary school as a result of research, shared practice and development of new tools within the YESSS project

 interactive training of 12 teachers-multipliers from partner schools with the task to train piloting teachers and provide them with support,  mentoring in implementing the YESSS approach in their classrooms

certification of 36 teachers from partner countries how to implement coaching and soft skills methods in the classroom; pilot sessions with 720 school students in all partner countries

supervision of all project activities, initial status research in partner organisations, partner countries and EU, regular evaluation of the implementation process

informing public about the nature of entrepreneurship competency and benefits of development of appropriate mindset and motivation in the secondary school in relation to labour market and society needs. Dissemination of the good practices, project results and intellectual outputs.

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