Innerview (Effective Communication)

Many people today realize that good knowledge of colleagues allows much easier to create a favorable work environment. The use of the “Innerview” type of conversation is an efficient approach for this. For this reason, Innerview was done in our classes to develop the students’ entrepreneurial competences for effective communication.

The students did the pair work for this activity.They were asked to interview with their partners throughout the prepared questions on three titles; facts, motivations and emotions. At the end of the activity they introduced their partners to the classroom and they emphasized on the most suprising things learned about their partners or the things they found different for them.

They realised the importance of accurate communication in our lives. The teacher and the students evaluated the key words on this topic; Effective Communication

-Overcoming barriers in communication

-Accepting the arguments of other people

-Clear and comprehensible expression

-Communicating at different social levels

-Persuasion and influence