Local Evaluation Workshop in Konya

Purpose of the feedback study

The study of the feedback from the participants in the evaluation workshop is a practice that aims to establish their satisfaction with the benefits, organization and content of the event process. The results of the feedback are indicative of the effectiveness of the interactions and the overall management of the project and provide an opportunity to identify areas for piloting activities.


The questionnaire includes 15 items, divided into 5 parts; focusing on the preparation of the event, timing, training venue and technical equipment, structure -content and delivery of the training, follow up and other factors. A five-point rating scale was used: 1 – poor, 2 – fair, 3 – good, 4 – very good, 5 – excellent.

The questionnaire also contains 4 sections for additional comments on the degree of achievement of the training objectives, difficulties and/or insufficient clarity of the training activities for piloting. This is necessary to clarify the piloting teachers’ roles and the the activities they need to do with the students.

The questionnaire was completed anonymously at the end of the workshop.


The study involved 95 participants as 1 local coordinator, 4 teacher-multipliers, 9 piloting teachers, 21 parents and 60 students.


 A significant number of the items of the questionnaire was rated as excellent and very good, as we can see from the summarized results in the table below (Appendix 1).

In total 4.9 out of 5.0 is satisfied with the evaluation workshop.

When it is considered according to each category the results are as in the following;

68% of all participants are satisfied with the information which was sent before the evaluation workshop and they gave excellent mark to the questions. About 31% of the participants consider think it as very good.

Regarding the Dates/Duration of the event and working times, 21% of them rate as very good,

whereas 78% of them think it is excellent.

As for the training area and technical equipment,24 % of them rate very good, whereas all the other participants about 75% rate excellent.

For the Structure, Content, and Delivery section, 17 % of the participants consider it as very good, 82% of them rate excellent.

In the last section regarding Follow up and Other Factors, 18% of them rate very good and 82% think it is excellent.

In the additional comments, all participants answered NO to the presence of weaknesses of the evaluation workshop, problem areas and unclarities for the meeting that should be handled.


The feedback from the participants in the workshop clearly shows that it is extremely successful and productive. The average score of all feedback for the event is 4.8 out of 5.0

All participants are satisfied with all researched aspects and their participation in the training and contribution to the process and achieving results.

Few of the participants rate fair, good and very good about the timing section since they have got some difficulties with the busy schedule of their own.