Multiplier event in Serbia

On October 24, Gimnazija organized a multiplier event to disseminate the results of the project “Young entrepreneurs in secondary schools” at the Center for Professional Training Kruševac. The Handbook, the soft skills training and coaching, the work methodology, the project website and the collective experiences of Gimnazija’s teachers were presented. With this event, we ended an exceptional three-year cooperation with our patners. Participants of the meeting were teachers and principals of primary and secondary schools from the district, representatives of Serbian Мinistry of education, local government, Office for Youth, Business Incubator, Chamber of Commerce of Rasina District, Center for Professional Training Kruševac, Science Club Kruševac, Educational Center, Association of Informatics Professors of Serbia, Association of Pedagogues and Psychologists of Rasina District and other local institutions and organizations.

The event was opened by principal Biljana Dačić, who spoke about the impact of the project on the development of Gimnazija, but also of Erasmus+ projects in general. Then the project coordinator Aleksandra Filipović presented the project activities and the site of the project, while the Handbook was presented by Stanislava Arsić, one of the co-authors. Teacher trainers and multiplicators Slađana Damnjanović and Biljana Pršić spoked about the new methodology and training for teachers, which was developed during the project and piloted in classes of various subjects, at the same time presenting the experiences of teachers from pilot classes and the results of a survey for teachers and students. The pilot teachers Dušan Stepanović, a psychology teacher, and Katarina Pavlović, a mathematics teacher, spoked about the impact and benefits for students from the development of an entrepreneurial mindset ​​in secondary schools and presented examples of good practice from piloting classes. At the end, the meeting participants asked questions and participated in a discussion about the possibilities of sustainability and implementation of the project results, and the project team received an invitation to present the project and the Handbook to the Society of Pedagogues and Psychologists of the Rasina District and businessmen in the Regional Chamber of Commerce Kruševac.

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