Results from evaluation surveys

After the piloting sessions, teachers and students filled out surveys.

Results from students (N=1361) show, that their work was set in a good mood (x=4,26), that they were given proper information (x=4,22), they were thinking and cooperating (x=4,12), and got better understanding of the subject matter (x=4,19) while being active (x=4,18).

The part of session that was graded the lowest was their getting new entrepreneurial knowledges (x=3,72) and being more confident in communication (x=3,80), they also don’t necessarily see the use in future (x=3,83). We can attribute all three topics to them being part of soft skills – you might not know it now, but you will use it later and helps form you into your future self.

Results from Bulgaria:

Results from Turkey:

Results from Serbia:

Results from Slovenia: