National Management School (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The National Management School was estblished in 1990 as non-profit organization, operating its activity in public interest and nowadays it is one of the oldest NGOs in Bulgaria after the political and economic changes at that time. It is the first national training centre providing extracurricular training to secondary school students in market economy, entrepreneurship and management. The main activities focus on:

Training of secondary school students in management, social skills, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The training spans over 2 years and comprises lectures during the weekend and a 10-day summer school each year. Activities include: business games; simulations; case studies; essential skills development trainings /social competencies/. Currently about 300 students study at NMS. Until now over 6500 students graduated successfully and 90% of them continued their education in universities.

– Development of new training methodologies and approaches to business and management trainings and their implementation in the educational system in Bulgaria.

– Development and implementation of national and international educational projects – since 2001 we have completed 5 National projects and 16 International projects with 26 partners from UK, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, France /island Martinique/, Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Check Republic, Poland, Germany, Iceland, Croatia. Projects topics: soft skills development, coaching, social entrepreneurship, social innovation.

Our Mission is to ensure knowledge, competence and confidence of young people through interactive, comprehensible and affordable trainings.

Our Vision is to develop and assert our role as a national educational center, providing affordable, contemporary and quality training; issuing legitimate certificate in entrepreneurship and management for secondary school students and serving as a centre for early carrier guidance.

Our values are competence, innovation, communication, team work, initiative, respect, adaptability.

Our team consist of 20 academic lecturers and trainers – university professors and experts in marketing, management, economics, entrepreneurship, public and business administration; and team of 15 psychologists – highly qualified and experienced specialists in human resource management and development, certified social skills trainers and coaches.

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