We aren’t perfect without you (Meram Anadolu Lisesi)

These competences contribute to the achievement of sustainable and quality results with full use of time, which in turn causes confidence and inner satisfaction and stimulates self-esteem.

At the end of this study students will be able to comprehend:

• resource planning, taking into account the conditions

• coordination of individual activities

• prioritization            

• time allocation/ mapping

• coordinating your own work with that of others

• anticipating future development

The students are divided into four groups according to the class list.Each group is given a title to study and the speakers of the group present their title in front of the class.The groups are Birthday Celebration, Group of Mind Power, Commemorative Group and Composers’ Group.

After the presentation group members ae asked to answer the following questions:

*Was each member involved in the group work?

*What were the obstacles you faced during your studies?

*How did you feel while working together?

The teacher emphasizes the importance of planing and organization and what can be done to reduce the obstacles they face  during this process.